Projekt: Algebra

Thema: Continued fractions

Gleb Pogudin

Elephant and fraction

There are many different ways to speak about real numbers. The most common way to write a real number down is to use decimal fractions, for example: π = 3.1415 … But the same number can be written in the form of continued fraction:

Formel Pi =

Usually continued fractions are used when you need to approximate something. For example, the difference between π and its approximation 355 / 113 derived from the expression above is less than 1 / 1000000! Moreover, continued fractions can explain the structure of calendar, help to construct compact electric schemes, describe knotted molecules, and so on. During the project we will try to understand what they are good for, why they are good, and how to use them in order to make the world a bit more precise.


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